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International Business Policy

International business transactions are monitored and regulated by many Countries and International Trade Organizations.

Arka Energy is Committed to comply with the legal requirements of each country in which the business is conducted which includes but not limited to import, export, taxation, Duties, foreign direct investment, foreign collaborations & joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Arka Energy is committed to complying with the following Legal Framework of Foreign Trade Policy of India

  • Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act 1992
  • Foreign Trade (Regulation) Rules 1993
  • Foreign Trade (Exemption) Order 1993
  • Foreign Trade Policy (Export and Import Policy)
  • Hand Book of Procedures (1st April 2015 – 31st March 2020, published by Government of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce.
  • ITC (HS) 2017 – Import and Export Policy